oes happen but for the unfortunate few, things can go wrong, and if they do it is imperative that you have a good travel insuran
ce policy in terms of creature comforts inside the cabin, design and quality. In the calendar year 2001, the Integra na
med was renamed as RSX, killing the Integra in American market. The introduction models were offered in various trims like perfo
rmance oriented GS-R, Limited edition Type R etc. The GS-R was featured with a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine that produces powe
r up to 170 hp and it was equipped with VTEC. The engine in the car was mated to a standard 5-speed manual transmission. The Lim
ited edition Type R was also powered by the same engine, but the power generation in this car is more. This model came with tune
d suspension system, limited slip differential, better brakes and specially designed 5-speed manual transmission. It also provid
ed air conditioning as optional feature. Our health care system today is already stretched thin. This has something to do with t
he current shortage. Majority of our health care sectors are nurses and definitely, their shortage will have a major impact on h
ealth care services being rendered. Some forums at health care sectors sited incidents why we have to be worried on lack of nurs

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