broad and this can be distressing to say the least. If you had the added worry of not being able to pay for care for your loved
one while away, that would be much worse. If the unthinkable were to happen, having a travel insurance company to take care of a
ll the details would be a blessing in disguise - one that you would be thankful you had in place! There are also more minor mish
aps which could occur such as lost luggage or money being stolen from you. These are not life threatening but could still result
in your holiday being ruined if you had no cover in place. You could find you have some emergency before your holiday which cou
ld mean you had to cancel your trip. If you have an adequate insurance plan in place you could be refunded the full amount of yo
ur holiday meaning you will not be losing out on all the expense. While it is vitally important to have a travel insurance polic
y in place for your travels, it is also important to make sure you fully read your policy and know exactly what is covered. You
could be thinking that you are covered for something only to find out that you are not, and only when you actually need to claim
for it. This could be a disaster. Imagine if you thought you were covered for lost luggage and when you try to claim you are to

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