ld that this is not covered on your policy. You will be left with no luggage for whatever length of time and you will be angry a
nd frustrated - that does not bode well for a good holiday. Make sure that your travel insurance plan covers the parts you want.
Make a list of things you would like covered and check with your provider before you go away so that you can amend your policy
if necessary. Time for a new family car but dont have the finance available? Approaching your bank for a loan isnt necessarily t
he wisest thing to do; they may very well grant you the money you want but the interest rates they charge are nearly always set
at a high rate. There are lots of other places you can get a loan and not be paying back extortionate amounts in interest. Once
you have found the car you want then contact a finance broker to find out their terms on a loan. Ask for recommendations from fr
iends and business colleagues to see if they have had dealings with any finance brokers previously, perhaps they can give you an
y tips or the name of an established broker. Word of mouth is often the best form of advertising and can be a good way to find r
eputable and honest businesses. Also do some research online yourself into various vehicle brokers and take a look at the feedba

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