product carries several risks with it, and has actually been linked with the risk of cancer in several countries, and because o
f this there has been a ban on this product in different places. In addition, hydroquinone has several side effects, including o
ver-lightening the surrounding area of the skin, and increasing skin irritation and allergies. With so many risks and side effec
ts, this is not the best choice of face lotion to reduce age spots. Thankfully, there are natural ingredients that have been pro
ven effective at inhibiting melanin production in the skin. Extrapone nutgrass root has been shown to stop melanin production by
up to 40% in clinical trials. This plant extract has a long history in Asian and eastern medicine, and is now becoming more kno
wn in the West for its age spot reducing properties. In addition, ingredients such as coenzyme Q10 contain powerful antioxidants
that help reduce and reverse sun damage. These antioxidants will actually help the skin repair damage such as fine lines, wrink
les, and other signs of aging. Instead of relying on questionable chemicals, using a face lotion with effective and all-natural
ingredients will not only reduce age spots, but also help you achieve a healthier and more youthful appearance. By choosing skin

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