the sports model has introduced its new VTEC variable valve timing system, first car in its kind. This system in the engine hel

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ped the vehicle squeeze every drop of power out of its four cylinder engine at the same time maintaining fuel efficiency. The In
tegra was able to compete with the other luxury car producers in the world in terms of creature comforts inside the cabin, desig
n and quality. In the calendar year 2001, the Integra named was renamed as RSX, killing the Integra in American market. The intr
oduction models were offered in various trims like performance oriented GS-R, Limited edition Type R etc. The GS-R was featured
with a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine that produces power up to 170 hp and it was equipped with VTEC. The engine in the car was
mated to a standard 5-speed manual transmission. The Limited edition Type R was also powered by the same engine, but the power g
eneration in this car is more. This model came with tuned suspension system, limited slip differential, better brakes and specia
lly designed 5-speed manual transmission. It also provided air conditioning as optional feature. Our health care system today is
already stretched thin. This has something to do with the current shortage. Majority of our health care sectors are nurses and

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