definitely, their shortage will have a major impact on health care services being rendered. Some forums at health care sectors s
ited incidents why we have to be worried on lack of nurses manpower at hospitals and nursing homes. They said that because of in
sufficient pool of nursing staff, their loved ones are not giving proper attention and unfortunately, dies. Studies also showed
that because of this shortage, hospital deaths rate increases. We should be scared for ourselves and our loved ones on the worst

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effects of nursing shortage. The government, nursing schools, law makers, hospitals and even the general public must find a way
to ease this problem. Experts and analysts projected that shortage will aggravate for the upcoming years. Based on the current
number of nurses that we have, demand of nurses will go higher than any other profession. We will have 2%-3% increase of nursing
shortage every year making nursing profession as the most sought after job today. The intensifying nursing shortage is the reas
on behind the success of nursing agency business. Nursing agencies are booming because many hospitals and nursing homes employ t
heir services to temporarily fill the vacant positions. By doing this, they at somehow eases the problem on nursing shortage."Ho

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