harmful gases and pollutants into the atmosphere which depletes the ozone layer and also affect the health of humans in a negat
ive way. Riding a bicycle reduces noise level, congestion on the streets and is also very beneficial for the health. Cycling is
an attractive sporting activity and is really popular in most parts of the world. There are also many cycling competitions held
each year where professional cyclists participate. Although cycling requires some skills and balance, it is very easy for people
to learn the basics and enjoy a few rides once in a while. Children in many parts of the world just love this sport and this al
so helps them to become physically fit and maintain their health. Cycling offers a lot of benefits and it is up to individuals t
o acknowledge. Acura Integra is a sports car produced by Acura. 1986 is the model year in which, the Integra model was released
. The first model was a sporty hatchback version that came with high build quality and excellent engineering. The performance an
d the vehicle balancing reliability made the model an instant hit in the luxury car market. The Integra model satisfied all kind
s of car buffs, ranging from passenger car to the sports car lovers, using its Formula 1 racing innovative technologies. In 1990

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